Why are lower dentures frustrating?

I just returned from session 2 of the Comprehensive Implant Residency in Bessemer Alabama. As always Dr. McCracken was teaching us about achieving predictable, consistent results. This weekend we were reviewing his protocol for the mandible (lower jaw). Folks that are wearing lower dentures know what a huge challenge not having your lower teeth anchored can be. Almost anyone you know well enough to talk to about their dentures with, will confirm that their upper denture does “ok”, but their lower denture is frustrating.

Early Orthodontic Treatment at AGpO Meeting in Memphis

Dr. McCrea and Dr. Wilkerson at AGpO Annual Meeting in Memphis 9-2015

This past weekend I was at the the Academy of GP Orthodontics Annual Meeting in Memphis Tennessee. One of my classmates from dental school, Dr. Keith Wilkerson, a pediatric specialist,  was there to lecture on interceptive orthodontic treatment for the children in our practices. In some cases early treatment provides better outcomes for later orthodontic treatment or even eliminates the need for braces completely. Keith has some techniques that we are starting to use at the office.

Beginning Nine Month Surgical Implant Program

Dr. McCrea and Dr. Guy Rosenstiel, instructor at CIRP

I just attended the first of 9 monthly three day lecture and surgical sessions in the Comprehensive Implant Residency Program (CIRP) at The Foundry Dental Center in Bessemer Alabama.

Now Placing Dental Implants

Big news! We are expanding our implant services. I just completed the Alabama Implant Education’s week long program for surgical placement of implants. We have restored implants for years, but finding a good program, at the right time, for placement has been elusive. During my week in Birmingham I placed 9 implants under the supervision of Dr.s McCracken and Rosenstiel. We studied their protocols for full arch (all top and/or all bottom) placement and individual implant placement.


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