Two Years of Offering Dental Implants!

Dr. Mike McCracken and Dr. McCrea
Dr. Mike McCracken and Dr. McCrea
Dr. Mike McCracken and Dr. McCrea

This week marks the second anniversary of placing my very first dental implant. In November 2014 I went to Bessemer Alabama for a week of training at the Alabama Implant Education Institute. The course focused on protocols for safe, successful implant placement. While there, I had the opportunity to place multiple implants under the supervision of experienced doctors.
In January 2015 we placed our first implants here at home. To ensure the absolute best care for our patients, we brought Dr. Michael McCracken in from Alabama to advise me during “Implant Day”.  Since then, we have performed multiple surgeries at the office.
In August of 2015, as I have reported earlier, I began the CIRP, Comprehensive Implant Residency Program at the Foundry Dental Center in Bessemer. Doctors McCracken and Rosenstiel guided us through more complex implant surgeries and grafting procedures because the reality is that not every situation ideal for immediate implant placement. May 2016 was my final trip (10th) for Comprehensive Implant Residency Program.
Last week I returned again to the Foundry to work on perfecting my sinus grafting skills. This is an advanced procedure that can be used to help when a patient has been missing their teeth for a long time. A beginning class was running concurrently. Seeing the new residents made me appreciate how much I have learned over the last two years and how far I have come. Implant training has opened a whole new range of services for our patients in Richmond-Rosenberg.
If you are interested in replacing missing teeth with non- removable teeth, or finding a way to help keep your dentures in place better, give us a call at 281-342-2121. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss what your options may be. We have our own CBCT (cone beam x-ray unit) so we can do any scan we need right here at home. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know whether or not dental implants can help you. There are constant innovations in surgical techniques, what couldn’t be done before may now be possible.