Financial Information

Dental care cane be a challenge, particularly if it has not been neglected due to other important priorities in your life. In addition to offering care credit Drs. McCrea and Vo can take with you about your dental priorities and help you sequence them over time. If you are in need of significant dental treatment, many times we can spread that treatment out over time so that it is not so overwhelming financially and timewise. You give us an idea of the budget and we can work with our financial coordinators, Irma and Felicia, to come up with a timeline for accomplishing your goals. Everyone has budgets that must be respected.

Typically, for someone who has gone a long time without treatment we would first address issues that are causing pain, likely to cause pain. Teeth that are not fixable, and gum issues. If there are missing or broken front teeth we will look for a quick solution to prevent embarrassment over their appearance. Once those issues are dealt with we can work our way through the other dental problems.

Afford The Care You Need

We want you to be able to afford the care you need and want. Please feel free to discuss the financial aspects of your dental care with any of our team members. Dr. McCrea understands these issues and can often phase your treatment needs over time to lessen the impact that cost has on you. Irma and Felicia also have payment plan options available to help you. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover.


CareCredit logoWe are also Care Credit providers. Care Credit is a branch of GE Financial which provides financing specifically for healthcare services. The card allows you to spread your payments out over a longer period of time than we are able to offer through our in-office payment plans. Care Credit works especially well for patients who would like braces, Lumineers, or other cosmetic procedures performed. You may also use Care Credit at other healthcare provider offices who accept it, such as the Dermatologist or the Ophthalmologist. For more information or to apply, visit


As a benefit to you, we accept assignment from your insurance company. We also file the charges for services with your dental insurance carrier. Irma and Felicia can usually verify dental benefits to estimate insurance payments allowable per procedure, and per year. They are familiar with many insurance companies and will do their best to help you receive the maximum allowable benefit possible. Our office is contracted with several preferred provider organizations (PPOs) to further help our patients.
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