Nariah & Roxana Go To Phlebotomy Certification

Nariah at phlebotomy class
Nariah at phlebotomy class

Recently Roxana and Nariah went to a phlebotomy certification class. Roxana went for moral support for Nariah and to get a refresher. This was Nariah’s first-time certification.

We are starting to use platelet rich fibrin (PRF) for some our implant and surgical procedures. PRF derived from the patient’s blood and concentrated growth factors and immune factors to aid in healing.

A few test tubes of blood are collected and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the blood into layers. The fibrin layer is used as part of our wound dressing during surgery.

We have seen excellent results with healing using this technique and will be using it more frequently in the future.

I proud that I have staff that is motivated and interested in adding to the skills they have!