A Typical First Visit to Dr. McCrea

One of Dr. McCrea's state-of-the-art treatment rooms

Apprehensive about Seeing the Dentist?

You shouldn't be.

We're here to help you. This is about what you're goals are. There are recommendations we will make, but in the end we are trying to help you achieve the dental health you  desire. Sometimes what you need is to address a key problem first, and then work on the whole picture later. We'd like to help you do that. Even if you have more than a few problems, correcting them all starts with a first step.

A typical first visit for a new patient consists of a discussion concerning your expectations of dental treatment, a series of digital dental x-rays, a periodontal(gum) evaluation, a TMJ evaluation, and an oral cancer screening. We will also chart existing restorations and any dental decay that may be present. If no serious periodontal conditions are found, a routine dental cleaning may be completed that first visit.

Dr. McCrea will review the information gathered and formulate a treatment plan to address any dental needs or desires. Irma or Lorey, our business administrators, will review the financial considerations with you and help estimate insurance benefits for you. No treatment is ever performed without your consent.

Many people have had a negative experience with dental treatment in the past.  We will do our best to help you work beyond your issues with dental treatment. For some patients, having more information about their treatment is the key. For some, not knowing anything about what is happening is best. There are patients who will want to be anesthetized (numb) before absolutely anything is done, for others the problem is the anesthesia ....or the noise of the dental drill.

Talk to us, we can help. While we may not be able to completely avoid those things that you find stressful, we can you help you with them. For treatment visits we can use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedatives, or even the two in combination if it is necessary. We can even have a Dental Anesthetist provide I.V. sedation at the office. We also encourage patients to bring their I-Pods to listen to their favorite music, instead of the drill. For More information visit  our page on Anxiety Reduction.

Many times what is most necessary is for patients to understand what will be happening and to have a active role in their treatment.