Preventive Care

Teeth for a Lifetime

Good Teeth Start Here
Good Teeth Start Here

Preventive care is the foundation of modern dentistry. It is how so many more people are able to keep their teeth well into their Golden Years. Many patients come in every three, four, or six months to have their good health maintained and to have their dental issues addressed as they arise. However, there are patients who believe that you only need go to the dentist when there is pain. Other patients just lose track of time and before they know it, it has been a decade or more since their last visit to the dentist.

No matter what your dental health, Dr. McCrea and his team are here to help you.

A typical first visit for a new patient at Dr. McCrea's office begins with a discussion concerning any problems you may be having with your teeth and your expectations of dental care. That is followed by a series of digital dental x-rays, a periodontal (gum) evaluation, a TMJ evaluation, and an oral cancer screening. We will also make note of existing restorations and any dental decay that may be present. Dr. McCrea, Megan, or Chanise may ask about your eating and drinking habits. What sort of drinks do you like? Do you drink sweet tea, energy drinks, or lots of sodas? Do you sip on them all day or do you gulp them down all at once? Do you have Gastric Reflux?

Dr. McCrea will review your exam with you and, if there are any issues, he will discuss what methods are available to treat the conditions found. Whether you need a routine dental cleaning or a deep cleaning Dr. McCrea and his staff will work to get you to the best health possible, as comfortably as possible.

With regular care and maintenance there is no reason not to have teeth for a lifetime.