Replacing What You've Lost

Immediate implant placement at time of extraction.

If you are self-conscious because you have missing teeth, wear dentures that are uncomfortable or don't want to have good tooth structure removed to make a bridge, talk to Dr. McCrea. Dental implants may be an option for you. Dental implants are the best development in tooth replacement to date. They can be used to create a tooth anchored in your mouth as solid as the original. Implants have been around since the early 1980s and have been continually refined since then. Success rates are in the high 90 percentiles. Dr. McCrea has been placing implants since 2015, and works with several Periodontists (gum specialists) who also place implants. When the implant is ready to have the crown, bridge, or denture attached to it Dr. McCrea will complete the placement of the crown, etc. to restore the missing teeth.

Implants can be life changing for the patient who wears a denture.

Implants can be placed with specialized attachments to support and anchor the denture. The implants stabilize the denture so that it does not move around when the patient eats or talks. It helps the patient improve their diet, health, and their self-confidence. It is one of the simplest ways to use dental implants, yet it yields some of the most satisfying results.

Dr. McCrea would be happy to meet with you and look at the specifics of your situation. Give us a call!

Don't keep wondering. Find out what your options are!

Implants are really great solutions when you are missing a tooth or are going to lose one. As replacements they are very predictable and do not depend on your other natural teeth for support. Because placing an implant is a surgical procedure you want to approach it cautiously to get the best result. Dr. McCrea has completed the Alabama Implanted Education program and the Comprehensive Implant Residency Program, a 10 month surgical program. He has a CBCT x-ray unit in office to aid in planning your implant, and to avoid trips to radiographic centers.

We can replace failing teeth with individual implant supported tooth replacements and we can replace a full arch of teeth with an implant supported appliance. There are many, MANY ways to use implants. Meet with Dr. McCrea to discuss options that fit your goals and budget.

Single Implant Restorations and or Bridges

Single tooth implant replacements are common when root canals fail, or a tooth becomes cracked and cannot be restored.

Bridges are when two implants are used to replace three or more missing teeth, avoiding putting an implant in for each missing tooth.

Two implant Lower Over Dentures

While the two little implants don’t look like much, the anchorage they provide is a game changer for many people! The ability to chew that they provide makes the two implant overdenture a superior option to the traditional denture.

Maxillary Over-Denture

The maxillary over denture is an upper full arch replacement that is stable and implant supported. More implants are required than the minimum for the lower due to differences in the bone. These appliances have the advantage of being stable but still removable by the wearer for hygiene. They do not have to cover roof of the mouth completely.

Fixed Hybrid Denture

Fully implant supported appliance provides stability and is not wearer removable. These appliances cover even less of the roof of the mouth. They have to be removed on an annual basis at the dentist’s office for hygiene. These are very nice appliances, but similar to luxury automobiles the maintenance is a little more involved.

There are other ways that implants can be used. We need to find the way that best fits your circumstances. Come in and let’s look at your situation!

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*All photos are of dental treatment completed by Dr. McCrea