Not Just for Teenagers Anymore!

(one of Dr. McCrea's orthodontic patients)

Braces and Orthodontic treatment can give you the ability to smile without being embarrassed by crooked teeth or teeth that stick out too much. A great smile opens doors. Braces are not just for kids and teenagers any more either. Dr. McCrea has treated many adults who, for a variety of reasons, did not have orthodontic treatment when they were younger. He has treated patients in their 60s who decided that what they really want in retirement is to finally have straight teeth!

Before and After braces at McCrea DDS

How do the Teeth Move

Braces move teeth by placing a constant gentle force on them. The safest, most effective orthodontic movement is achieved with very low pressure but it does need to be as continuous as possible. After the brackets and wires are placed on the teeth, elastics or “rubber bands” need to be worn to move teeth to their desired position. The more consistently the rubber bands are worn the sooner the teeth will align.

Before and After braces at McCrea DDS

Duration of Treatment

Straightening and aligning your teeth can take between one and three years. Your age and how minor or severe your case is can influence the time needed. A huge factor in a successful treatment is you! The more consistently you wear elastics the better. Being careful not to bend wires or break brackets off keeps your treatment on track. Following the directions about diet and habits helps a lot. Most importantly, keeping regular adjustment appointments and cleaning appointments will help get you the best result possible. After the active treatment is completed, retainers need to be worn to keep your teeth from moving back toward where they were in the beginning. Our motto is "Retainers are forever".

Adult Orthodontics

More adults than ever are opting to improve their smiles through orthodontics. Sometime a full course of treatment is necessary, sometimes a major goal can be met with a shorter time in braces that correct just your major concerns. Talk to Dr. McCrea and find out what can be done and how long it might take to get the results that you want.

Short Term Braces

Want to be done fast? If your concern is one crowded out tooth, or a rotated front tooth then Short Term Braces may be right for you. Simple problems can easily be addressed in in between four and six months in many cases. We have numerous examples of this type treatment.

Are Braces Right for You?

Before starting your orthodontic treatment, Dr. McCrea and his team will need to collect information about the condition your teeth are in now. They will take x-rays, take impressions to make models of your teeth, and take measurements of how your teeth fit together. Dr. McCrea looks at this information and plans how we can straighten your teeth and estimate the time needed to complete treatment. He will discuss your options with you and if you like, start you on your journey to a great smile!