Anxiety Reduction

Sedation Options

We will do our best to make you comfortable during your visits with us. We often have patients come to us quite apprehensive about having dental treatment performed. We have found that if we can treat the most urgent need first, without increasing the patient's anxiety level, we can then work with that patient on the rest of their needs, ultimately restoring dental health and hopefully making them more comfortable the in dental office.

For some patients, having more information about their treatment is the key. For some, not knowing anything about what is happening is best. There are patients who want to be anesthetized (numb) before absolutely anything is done. For others, the problem is the anesthesia ....or the noise of the dental drill.

Talk to us, we can help!

While we may not be able to completely eliminate the things you find most stressful, we can you help you manage them. Using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedatives(Halcion), or even the two in combination if it is necessary, can greatly reduce anxiety. We can even have a Dental Anesthetist provide I.V. sedation at the office. We also encourage patients to bring their I-Pods to listen to their favorite music, instead of the drill.

Many times what is necessary is to understand your treatment and have an active role in it.