Clear Aligner Treatment, Botox Therapy

Drs. McCrea and George
Drs. McCrea and George

As usual I haven’t kept current blogging about changes at the office. The two most significant changes are changes in Dr. staffing and Hygiene staffing.

Dr. Vo left to follow her dream of teaching. She is now teaching at the UT School of Dentistry. Dr. Mary George, who also teaches at the School of Dentistry has decided to go the opposite direction and is now part time at the AEGD /GPR dental residency and three days a week in private practice with us! Both of them are great dentists, I’m glad to have had Dr. Vo with us for the time she was here, and am now glad to be able to work with Dr. George.

When Mayra, part of our hygiene team, left we spent some time looking for the right person to fill her slot. I believe we have found the right person in Sarah. Sarah is a graduate of the Hygiene program at the Wharton County Junior College. Sarah is a great hygienist and brings a goofy sense of humor with her!

Digital Design of Clear AlignerChanges in 2023 for the practice will be the addition of clear aligner treatment to the conventional wire and bracket braces we already offer. Dr. George and I will be working on treating simple issues with aligners initially and working toward more complex cases. If you are interested, the patients we are looking for are adults, with one to three anterior teeth that are crooked, otherwise just don’t look right. If you are interested, please call Jenn or Kris at 281-342-2121. We will be happy to provide a no cost consultation to discuss what will be involved in treating your case.

I am looking into providing Botox treatment for our patients that have TMJ issues. Our TMJ treatment option has been limited to occlusal nightguards. Which are often beneficial. They reduce biting force and protect the teeth. Nightguards don’t keep you from clenching or grinding. For those looking for a solution that goes a little farther Botox treatment may be the answer.